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Collect Valves And Industrial Equipment As A Hobby? Don't Let These Valves Get Away!

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People have all manner of unusual hobbies. You may think it strange that people collect stamps or old cars, while others think it strange that you collect valves and industrial equipment. There is just something that draws you to these items and you enjoy collecting them. Depending on your collection at the moment, you may want to collect the following valves just because of their unique shape or funny names.  Read More»

Three Tips For Keeping Your Air Compressor In Good Condition

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Your business’s air compressor will be an integral tool for meeting the needs of your customers and clients. However, it is a reality that many people are simply unable to appreciate the type of care that these devices will require. In order to keep your air compressor working without problems, there are several basic types of maintenance that will have to be followed. Keep Your Air Compressor Lubricated Lubrication is essential for minimizing the amount of friction that the air compressor will experience. Read More»

How To Move Cargo With A Helicopter Long Line

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Hauling a load under a helicopter can be very challenging the first time, even if you are a highly-trained helicopter pilot. You will need to master vertical reference flying, which is different from the type of flying you might be used to. Helicopter Training You must make sure that you receive adequate training before going on your first trip. Fortunately, there are classes you can take that will provide you with the sufficient level of training to safely fly with a helicopter long line attached. Read More»