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How To Move Cargo With A Helicopter Long Line

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Hauling a load under a helicopter can be very challenging the first time, even if you are a highly-trained helicopter pilot. You will need to master vertical reference flying, which is different from the type of flying you might be used to.

Helicopter Training

You must make sure that you receive adequate training before going on your first trip. Fortunately, there are classes you can take that will provide you with the sufficient level of training to safely fly with a helicopter long line attached.

Sitting in the Proper Position

While flying vertical reference, you will need to sit on the left side of your helicopter. When you are sitting on the left, the collective is right under your armpit; however, if you are sitting on the right, which is normally where a helicopter pilot would sit, the collective is a mile away from you. This may make you feel uncomfortable because your feet will be in a different position, but you will become accustomed to this approach.

What to Expect from the Training Program

While you are up in your helicopter, the instructor will tell you where to look to help you better guide the helicopter. One instructor will sit in the back and the other instructor will sit in the front. One of the first goals of the lesson is to get the pilot to hold the cargo in place for a period of time; then the pilot will practice landing with a long line. The instructor will make sure that the pilot is looking in the right location and that his or her eyes are constantly scanning.

Why Helicopter Long Lines are So Important

One of the most important parts of carrying a load with a helicopter is to use a long line that is well-made and will not break when you carry the cargo. The two types of helicopter lines that you can choose from are helicopter short lines and helicopter long lines.

The helicopter long line is usually the type you will need to use because you will need to fly high above the cargo you are transporting; this will minimize rotor wash for personnel who are below. Long lines are also important for precision. For example, if you must line up a heli-portable drill on its frame, you will need a long line. With the right training and the right equipment, you will be able to effectively move cargo with a helicopter.

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