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Debunking Frequent Myths Concerning Septic Tank Cleaning

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As a homeowner, you have a whole list of maintenance tasks that have to be performed every so often to keep your home functioning as efficiently as it should and one of those things is septic tank cleaning. In general, your septic tank should be cleaned about every once every three years, yet the task often gets put off until there are signs that something is wrong and pumping can no longer be avoided. If you have a septic tank on your property and find yourself prolonging this appointment with a septic tank cleaning service, it is likely due to some fairly common misconceptions.

Misconception: The septic tank should only be cleaned when it is showing signs that it is full.

Fact: If your septic tank is already showing signs that it is full, such as slow draining or toilet flushing problems, you have already waited too long to pump the tank. In order to keep the septic system performing well, it should be appropriately cleaned on a regular basis to prevent ever running into these problems. If you wait, the slow drainage issues can cause effluent waste to overflow into your property that has not been treated, which is a biological health concern for not just you, but your surrounding neighbors as well.

Misconception: There is no need to pump a septic tank because the waste eliminates itself over time.

Fact: It is true that the naturally present bacteria inside of a septic system does work to eliminate a portion of the waste inside of the tank over time. However, this is a slow process that can sometimes take a lot of time to complete naturally. If the natural breakdown process happened quickly, there would never be a need for septic cleaning.

Misconception: Septic tank pumping involves digging up a large portion of your property and making a huge mess.

Fact: When most homeowners think about septic tank pumping a cleaning services, they envision their yard dug up, horrendous odors, and a huge mess. However, this is rarely what the process looks like. In order to gain access to most modern tanks, only a small portion of ground will have to be opened up. Further, the professional will work hard to restore the property to its previous state when the job is complete by replacing the soil, compacting the soil, and sewing grass if necessary. 

When you take a look at the facts about why your septic tank should be regularly pumped and cleaned, it is easy to see why this is one thing that should not be avoided. If you believe it is time for your three-year cleaning procedure, talk to a septic pumping professional like one from Southern Sanitary Systems Inc for an appointment.