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It's Time To Decorate The House: 4 Tips To Keep You Safe On Your Scaffold

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The holidays are here. If you’re going to be decorating a two-story home, don’t try to do it with a regular ladder. Using a ladder to decorate a two-story house could leave you with serious injuries, especially if you lose your footing. To hang your decorations safely, rent a scaffold instead. Once it’s in place, you can use the safety platform to access the second-story areas of your home. It is important that take some safety precautions before using your scaffold. Read More»

Four Questions To Consider When Choosing A Rubber Molder

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If you need a custom piece of rubber for an invention you are creating, you may need to work with a custom rubber manufacturer to find what you need. There are several things you should keep in mind when ordering your customized rubber. Here are some tips to consider: Do you want organic or silicone rubber? Typically when having rubber molded, you can choose between two types of rubber: organic and silicone. Read More»

How Environmentally Friendly Are Your Options For Food Grade Bags?

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Whether you want to have an option for customers to bag their own food or you need bags for packaging produce or restaurant food, there are many options to choose from. One of your main considerations may be how environmentally friendly the materials used to make bags are. Here’s a quick guide to the four most popular food-grade and produce bags, which are all made from polyolefin plastics, and how “ Read More»

A Guide To Tube Fittings And Seals

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When you want to create the utmost in liquid connections during the maintenance of your industrial equipment and supplies, you will need to be sure that you purchase the right types of plastic tube fittings. There are some excellent points that you will need to keep in mind when looking to purchase these fittings. If you want to read more about these fittings and how you can purchase the right ones for you, read on and take advantage of these words of advice. Read More»

Tips For Adding Recycling To Your Factory Waste Disposal Plan

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Factories and industrial parks can be huge producers of garbage. Not only is the excess garbage unhealthy for the environment, the cost of disposal can be prohibitive. If you are tasked with solving the garbage disposal dilemma for your factory or company, the following tips can help you stick to your waste disposal budget while also putting more items into the recycling stream.  Tip #1: Document the Factory’s Waste This may require a bit of time rooting around in waste receptacles. Read More»

Industrial Equipment That Doubles Nicely As Contractor Tools: Items You May Want For Your Own

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If you want some equipment that can really help you speed up the process of construction, you can invest in some industrial equipment. There are several pieces of industrial equipment that double nicely as contractors’ tools. Here is a selection of tools that you may want for your own construction company or personal use. Industrial Air Compressors Industrial air compressors provide greater amounts of compressed air over greater distances and with greater force than any air compressor you currently own. Read More»