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What Are The Benefits Of Using Telehandlers In Your Warehouse?

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While forklifts are the traditional material handling equipment choice in many warehouses, they aren't your only option. You can also use telehandlers to pick up, move, and stow away the items you store on your shelving system.

These machines combine the functionality of forklifts with additional crane features. They use a telescopic arm to carry and move materials. Why should you consider using telehandlers in your warehouse?

Improve Productivity Levels

The speed at which you move materials affects your warehouse's productivity. While forklifts are a generally efficient material handling solution, they can add time to picking and storage jobs in some scenarios.

For example, if you store items on high shelves, then they might be outside a regular forklift's reach. You have to find different ways to get items on and off these shelves. This extra work adds time to a picking or storage job.

Weight can also be a problem here. Every forklift has a weight capacity limit. It can only carry a certain number of items. Your operators might have to make multiple trips to carry heavy items or multiple loads. Again, this adds time to these jobs.

Telehandlers boost your productivity. These machines have a higher reach than a regular forklift. They can pick up and drop off items at greater heights. You can also buy telehandlers with higher weight capacities than regular forklifts.

If you use these machines, you reduce the amount of work and the number of trips an operator has to make. They will complete jobs more quickly, and your productivity will improve.

Increase Available Storage Space

If you are running out of warehouse space, then you might be thinking about expanding your operation. If you don't create more space, then you might miss out on business opportunities.

However, warehouse expansion can be an expensive and time-consuming process. If you don't have room on your site to make your warehouse bigger, then you might have to move.

Telehandlers could help you here. These machines usually have a narrower footprint than regular forklifts. So, you could decrease the size of your aisles to free up space for more shelving units.

You can also look at building upwards. If you use telehandlers, then you can work at higher levels. You could add shelves to your system to make it higher. You can use space that you currently can't access.

To see some examples of warehouse-ready telehandlers, contact material handling equipment suppliers. For more information on new material handling technology, contact a professional near you.