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There Are Many Differents Kinds Of Scaffolding

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When buildings that are more than one story are being worked on, the construction workers need to have a way to safely and easily work on the job. One way to do that is to have scaffolding placed around the building. Scaffolding is similar to an exoskeleton placed around the building. It is often made of metal with wooden supports for the people to stand on while they are working. It is often attached to the building so that the scaffolding won't go anywhere while people are on it. There are a number of kinds of scaffolding. Some of them are better for specific kinds of jobs. 

Single Scaffolding

This kind of scaffolding is usually used by masons doing brickwork, so it might also be called brick layer's scaffolding. It is a single layer of scaffolding, with standards, which are the vertical supports, on either side of the ledgers, which are the horizontal supports where the workers stand. There are also putlogs that attach the scaffolding to the wall. When the scaffolds are taken down, the putlogs are removed, and any holes are repaired so that it is hard to tell that there was any kind of scaffolding there to begin with. 

Cantilever Scaffolding

This kind of scaffolding doesn't sit on the ground. Instead, it is supported by poles called needles that are attached to the wall at an angle. The needle goes from the building's wall to the outside face of the scaffolding, giving it support. This scaffolding is used in places where the ground isn't strong enough to support the weight of the scaffolding. It's also used in places where the ground has to be kept clear. For example, in a city's downtown, the sidewalk needs to be kept clear so that pedestrian traffic can get through, but the upper floors of the building need to be worked on, so instead of using scaffolding that starts from the ground up, the construction company can opt to use cantilever scaffolding instead. It will also keep people from banging into the scaffolding as they walk by. Cantilever scaffolding isn't necessarily as strong as other kinds of scaffolding, so it's important for users to be careful. 

Scaffolding makes it possible for people to work on taller buildings. There are several kinds of scaffolding, and some of them are better in different places and in different uses than others are, and the construction company is going to know what kind they should use at what job.