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Use A Rental Beam Lift During Construction Projects

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A beam lift can be used to lift and brace wooden or metal beams or to lower old building components that are being replaced with new ones. Renting a manual beam lift will decrease the amount of manual labor that you and your crew need to handle and will allow you and your fellow workers to safely move materials around on a jobsite.

Rental Equipment

A manual beam lift consists of metal extensions, a beam plate, a crank, chains, and support braces. The parts of a lift may need to be assembled prior to use. The main part of a lift will contain the large arm, the support braces, the framework, and a set of caster wheels. The beam plate, crank, and chains may be separate from the unit. Each of these pieces can be secured and adjusted once the lift is assembled.

Assembly Steps

A beam lift is a mobile unit that can be picked up by hand. Due to the long length of the large arm and support braces, the bed of a pickup truck or a separate trailer unit may be needed to transport the rental equipment. All of the accessories that need to be attached to the lift can be laid across a tarp or a bed liner.

Once you have arrived at your jobsite, set the beam up in the area where you will initially use it. Use the screw and chain pieces that were provided through the rental facility to secure the end of each brace.

Manually move the large arm. This part will be tucked along one side of the beam. Pull it upward and over until it is fully extended on the opposite side from where it was originally secured. Secure the clips that are attached to the wheels. The clips will prevent the wheels from rolling and will stop the metal connection pieces from rotating. 

Usage Tips

If you need to adjust where the beam lift is located, use the tip of your shoe to release each wheel clip and move the equipment to the chosen area. The metal plate that attaches to the top of the lift will be responsible for holding the weight of oblong wooden or metal pieces.

Any parts that are being lowered should be laid out evenly across the plate. The crank can be used to lower any items that are being brought down a level. Afterward, the metal plate can be loaded with an alternate material that is going to be used to replace another material. Use the crank to lift the replacement material.

Contact a company that offers beam lift rentals to learn more.