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Ways To Use Stone Gravel In Your Spring Backyard Landscaping

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With the spring season bringing warmer weather across the country, many homeowners are turning their thoughts toward creating an outdoor oasis and cleaning up their landscaping. If this sounds like you, then you should know that there are some ways to make your new landscape look cohesive, polished, and clean while enhancing the functionality of it as well. Here's a look at some of the ways that you can use crushed stone gravel to do just that.

Patio Foundation

Adding a patio to your backyard is a great way to create an outdoor space for grilling, sitting, or entertaining. When you're ready to start digging out your patio space, you should talk with a crushed stone gravel supplier about a medium-ground stone product to use as the foundation for your patio. Creating an even layer of gravel at the base of your patio space gives you a foundation for the patio that won't shift, erode, or sink. This helps to keep your patio stable, level, and in good condition for many years to come.

Garden And Plant Bed Cover

Traditionally, most gardens and plant beds are covered with wood or pine mulch to help reduce weed growth and retain moisture. However, many homeowners don't care for the appearance of this mulch, and it can be easily washed away or blown away by the spring and summer storms. This can leave you with mulch pieces scattered all over your yard and half the mulch in the plant beds that you actually intended.

You should opt for stone gravel instead to get the benefits of the soil cover without the risk of storms blowing it away, washing it away, or compacting it into one solid block. Stone gravel will allow water to filter down into the soil more efficiently as well.

When you're buying stone gravel for mulching purposes, you'll want to look for something from an industrial supplier that's been jagged cut. Don't choose the smooth stone because, although it looks pretty, it won't have the same level of structural integrity and may shift more easily.

Raised Bed Drainage

One of the biggest challenges of raised garden beds and potted plants is the ability of the soil to properly drain. If the soil can't drain well, you end up with root rot from the excess moisture, which kills the plants. When you are preparing your garden's raised beds and containers, consider incorporating crushed stone gravel at the base of each container and a small amount throughout the soil. This will help to create a more efficient avenue for drainage so that your plants get the moisture that they need without sitting in the excess.

Talk with a local stone gravel supplier near you today for more information about buying the gravel you need in bulk. You can often get a better rate when you buy in bulk from them, and you'll get just what you need for these backyard uses.