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It's Time To Decorate The House: 4 Tips To Keep You Safe On Your Scaffold

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The holidays are here. If you're going to be decorating a two-story home, don't try to do it with a regular ladder. Using a ladder to decorate a two-story house could leave you with serious injuries, especially if you lose your footing. To hang your decorations safely, rent a scaffold instead. Once it's in place, you can use the safety platform to access the second-story areas of your home. It is important that take some safety precautions before using your scaffold. Here are four steps you should take to keep yourself safe while you're using your scaffold.

Plant It on Solid Ground

When setting up your scaffold, make sure it's planted securely on solid ground. Setting you scaffold up on an uneven surface could cause the scaffold to collapse. If that happens while you're on the scaffold, you could suffer serious injuries – as could anyone standing near the scaffold. If you're unsure about the stability of the area where you'll be setting up your scaffold, place a sheet of plywood under it. The plywood will provide a smooth surface for your scaffold.

Avoid Leaning over the Edge

You might be tempted to lean over the edge of the scaffold, especially if you're trying to talk to someone on the ground below you. Resist the temptation. Leaning over the edge could cause the scaffold to become unbalanced, which could result in a collapse. Always stand with your feet planted firmly on the scaffold platform. If you need to lean over the edge to reach your work area, your scaffold isn't set up close enough to your home. Prevent accidents by repositioning your scaffold before beginning to work.

Keep the Work Area Clear

While you're setting up the decorations on your home, be sure to keep the scaffold platform free of trip and fall hazards. Tools and decorations should be kept in an orderly fashion. This will prevent you from tripping, and falling over the edge of the scaffold.

Watch the Weather

When it comes to working on a scaffold, bad weather can be a real risk. Before you head out to decorate your home, take a moment to check the weather. If the weather is bad – wind, snow or rain – it's a good idea to postpone the project until the weather clears up. Inclement weather can undermine the stability of the scaffold, and can lead to slip and fall dangers.

Decorating a two-story home can pose a real challenge during the holidays. Don't drag out your old ladder. Keep yourself safe by renting a scaffold for the project. Be sure to follow the tips provided above to help keep you safe while you decorate your home. For more information, talk to a professional like Savage Scaffold & Equipment Co.