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Tips For Adding Recycling To Your Factory Waste Disposal Plan

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Factories and industrial parks can be huge producers of garbage. Not only is the excess garbage unhealthy for the environment, the cost of disposal can be prohibitive. If you are tasked with solving the garbage disposal dilemma for your factory or company, the following tips can help you stick to your waste disposal budget while also putting more items into the recycling stream. 

Tip #1: Document the Factory's Waste

This may require a bit of time rooting around in waste receptacles. Begin by making a list of each section of the business. For example, the waste from the main business offices will be much different than the waste from the assembly line or electrical engineers department. You can either go through each sector on your own to identify the most common types of garbage, or you can ask for this information from each department head. Make sure to get details too – for example, know what types of metals are tossed from the factory floor or whether the company uses laser jet or inkjet printer cartridges.

Tip #2: Sort By Size

Once you know the main types of garbage per sector, sort it by size. If a sector produces very little paper waste but lots of glass, there is no need to try and implement a paper recycling system just yet. Make a list of top two or three waste types for each section and concentrate on these for a recycling program. With luck, there will be overlap between the sections so you can further streamline your waste disposal plan.

Tip #3: Find Out What's Available

Once you are armed with the knowledge of your company's main type of waste, contact local waste disposal companies. You need to find out what options are available for the different types of waste you are producing. If most of your waste falls under the general recyclable category, which is basically paper, plastic, and glass, you may be able to get single stream options in place. A single receptacle is used for all recycling, with a second receptacle provided for actual garbage. Separate containers will also be needed for any recyclables that do not fall into the single stream strictures of the company you choose.

Tip #4: Implementation

Training will need to be done to implement the system successfully. Make sure all receptacles in offices or on the factory floor are clearly labeled – color coding can also help. Your disposal company may even supply receptacles. Next, use a combination of memos, posters, and in-person training to get everyone on board with the new program.

Recycling can save money since many disposal companies sell recyclables at a profit. This can translate as a discount to your disposal service, which can help offset the cost of both implementation and actual garbage removal.