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Industrial Equipment That Doubles Nicely As Contractor Tools: Items You May Want For Your Own

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If you want some equipment that can really help you speed up the process of construction, you can invest in some industrial equipment. There are several pieces of industrial equipment that double nicely as contractors' tools. Here is a selection of tools that you may want for your own construction company or personal use.

Industrial Air Compressors

Industrial air compressors provide greater amounts of compressed air over greater distances and with greater force than any air compressor you currently own. You may have to mount these compressors to the back of a pickup truck, but you will have more than enough compressed air to run the majority of pneumatic tools you own. It may even be possible to alter the compressor's output hoses to accommodate more than one hose and provide compressed air for more than one tool.

Ratchets and Bolt Drivers Requiring Compressed Air

In an industrial or manufacturing plant, pneumatic ratchets and pneumatic bolt drivers speed up production. Products requiring bolts to hold together and super-tight nuts on the opposite sides are guaranteed to stay put when ratchets and bolt drivers of this caliber are used. If you were to invest in these two types of tools that require compressed air to work, you and/or your crew would be able to finish construction projects even faster than you currently do. Plus, you know that the bolts and nuts would never come loose.

Arc Welding Equipment

Arc welding can help the metal parts of your commercial construction projects adhere together. Industrial varieties of this equipment use higher grades of solder, which strengthen whatever it is that is welded together. If you have a welder on your construction crew, ask him or her what he/she thinks about investing in and using industrial grade, arc welding equipment. It may change how you complete commercial projects and may even make the results better.

Steel-Toed Boots and Kevlar Gloves

How many times have crew members accidentally driven nails into their fingers or missed with the hammer and smashed their toes? These minor work accidents could have been avoided with the steel-toed boots and kevlar gloves used in some industrial plants. With the steel toe plates protecting toes and the kevlar protecting crew members' fingers, hands and wrists, the accident/incident rate on your construction sites could drop immensely. No screw, nail or bolt can get through these special pieces of protective equipment commonly found in industrial settings. For more information about contractor tools, contact a company like CL Presser Company.