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Unconventional Uses For Overhead Doors

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While most people think of overhead doors as being mainly for garages and industrial locations, you can actually use these doors in other parts of the home with interesting results, especially if you choose those made with glass panels.

1. Use glass overhead doors to divide rooms. Some people use glass overhead doors to divide large rooms into two while still keeping the action on both sides of the door visible. This is particularly useful when dividing a large kids playroom from a more adult area of the home. Choose the right door and it will give you visibility while limiting the noise. Put the door up and you'll have one large room for everyone to enjoy, which can be handy when entertaining.

2. Use these doors to open the home to the outside. This can be a great option for opening a large section of the back wall up to a patio or garden, essentially linking the outdoor living space with the indoor one and allowing people to easily flow from one to the other. Choosing a door that opens up-and-over, if the space allows enough clearance, can be good for this purpose, as it will create a small awning over the space when it's open.

3. Use overhead doors on storage sheds. This can help make it easier to bring things in and out of these buildings when used for their original purpose, or you can repurpose the building and make it a space for relaxing or entertaining.  

Glass overhead doors can provide a more dramatic way than windows to get more light and air into your home. The type of door and the number of panels will affect the amount of space you need, so make sure to choose the right type. Some doors can slide straight up, others tilt out before opening and then you have the more common garage door style that bends as it rolls up rather than moving as one solid panel.

Another consideration is that if you're using the door in an outer wall, it needs to be the right type to insulate the home from the elements. Insulated doors are also best when you want to limit noise. When choosing glass doors, opaque doors will give more privacy, and tinted doors can help keep the sun coming in from outside from fading the floors, drapes and furniture inside the home.  Energy-efficient doors help minimize the loss of heat or coolness from the home.