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Reasons Why Everyone Should Have an Air Compressor

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You may not realize how much you really needed an air compressor at home until you actually have one. An air compressor can make your life easier in a number of different ways that you probably have not even thought of. Below are a few of the ways that you can use an air compressor on a regular basis around the home.

1. Miscellaneous Tasks. One of the most common reasons to use an air compressor will be for a number of miscellaneous tasks around the home. You will pump up basketballs, footballs, inner tubes, tires and much more. These tasks could be done with a normal bicycle pump but could take a whole lot longer. An air compressor will be able to pump up balls and tires in seconds and takes little to no effort. You can even send toy rockets soaring into the sky with an air compressor.

2. Cleaning. Another great reason to own an air compressor is to clean up. You may have dirt, saw dust, and other debris in your garage that you want to clean. This is beneficial if you do a lot of carpentry or other work in your garage where saw dust is a constant problem. An air compressor can easily blow this dust out of the way.

You can also clean out vents and other hard to reach places by blowing air into them. This makes jobs a lot easier and can get even small nooks and crannies clean. Sweeping would not be able to accomplish the same thing.

3. Auto Repairs. You may be a person that wants to fix your own car instead of paying a mechanic to do it for you. If you want to fix your own car, an air compressor is practically a must. Air ratchets, drills, air gauges and many other air compressor tools will help you be able to get the auto repair job done yourself. 

4. Painting. When you use an air compressor and a paint sprayer tool, you will be able to paint faster and get smoother finishes on cabinets, doors, cars, and other things that need to be painted. If you paint a lot, an air compressor is something you can't live without.

These are just a few of the different reasons why you would want an air compressor. For more information on how to safely use an air compressor, visit resources like